Film Project Bios

Brian Petillo was born in Leesburg, Virginia just outside of Washington DC. At age five, he and his family moved to Massachusetts, where Brian developed a very northeast lifestyle living in the woods. When his father bought a camcorder in 2001, Brian instantly developed an interest in the art of film-making. Brian studied film-making at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont until his graduation in 2013. During his studies, Brian worked on countless film projects as 2nd Assistant Director and 2nd Unit Director of the 2013 independent feature “Northern Borders”, starring Bruce Dern, whom Brian had the privilege of directing in a 2nd unit scene. In 2013, Brian won the award of Best Filmmaker thanks to his body of work from 2012 to 2013 alone. Currently, Brian resides in Los Angeles, where he has been doing freelance jobs – the most recent of which has been for Adam Carolla’s upcoming documentary about the Ford and Ferrari rivalry during the 1960’s. For the documentary, Brian had the opportunity to shoot interviews with legendary racer Bob Bondurant and the designer of the original Stingray and Shelby Cobra, Pete Brock.

Kyle Morgan was born in Ledyard, Connecticut. When he was in his early teens, Kyle started developing his obsession with snowboarding. As he got better and better at snowboarding, he found that he wanted to capture the sport was for others – so he started filming his sessions. This endeavor led Kyle to an interest in film-making and editing, which he studied at Champlain College, graduating in 2014. Since graduating, Kyle moved to LA where he is pursuing the film industry. He has worked on many great projects, such as music videos for the musician Sawyer Auger, fashion and beauty Youtube channels, and even Marvel Media.
Patrick Burke was born in Manchester, New Hampshire. When he was in high school, Patrick and his buddies would roam the hallways of their school, their homes, backyards, and even the city making short films. By the end of high school, Patrick decided that this was what he wanted to do the rest of his life. Patrick studied film-making at Champlain College, where he graduated in 2014 after winning a film-making award for Most Excellent Graduating Senior. Since graduation, Patrick moved to LA to work in the film industry. He has worked on countless web series and a solid handful of independent features.