Annual Maintenance

Sometime in November or early December, drivers examine what work may need to be done on his/her Formula Vee before the next racing season.  The following list is a sample of what might constitute such a list:

  • Order parts
  • Rebuild engine
  •  Check fire extinguisher
  • Every two years – get a physical (SCCA requirement)
  • Every year or at least every two years, depending on the number of races, check the spindles for cracks with dye

Pre-Race Maintenance

Before each race, drivers typically go through a list of items that need attention.  While the list may vary from person to person, in general a list will likely include the following:

  • Check alignment and toe
  • Adjust valves
  • Recharge battery
  • Check fluids
  • Order tires (as needed)
  • Order parts (as needed)
  • Refuel
  • Check brake shoes for excess wear
  • Check lug nuts, especially on newly painted or powder-coated rims

For a complete list of Formula Vee race car parts and suppliers visit Parts and Supplies.