April 2017 FV Ad-Hoc Committee

April 2, 2017

The FV Advisory Committee appreciates the FV Community wanting us to post what we have been working on since we started as a new official Committee in September. We’ll try to get messages like this one out with some regularity.

The FV Advisory Committee Members:
Dennis Andrade
Mitchell Ferguson
John Petillo
Stephen Saslow
Charlie Turner
Al Varacins

Below is a list of topics and issues that we have addressed since starting in September:
1. With regard to a Spec Tire in FV – #20620 : After several discussions, the Committee recommended to the CRB that further testing was needed and that would precede the development of a plan for implementation for the 2018 racing season. The CRB approved this recommendation.

2. With regard to Letter #19589 – ICP Spindles: The letter writer felt that the current GCR did not allow for the ICP spindles and wanted to see wording reinstated allowing them.
The Committee informed the CRB that it was our opinion that the current rules support the use of the ICP spindles. The CRB accepted this determination.

3. With regard to letter #19972 Valve Seat Repair/Replacement: This request asked for a rule change allowing increased O.D. and depth of replacement valve seats to help extend the life of the VW heads.
The Committee researched this and recommended to the CRB that this request be approved. The CRB approved this recommendation. The details are in the January 2017 Fastrack. The CRB recommended (March 2017 Fastrack) this rule change to be effective 6/1/2017.

4. With regard to Letter #19287 Requesting the use of an electric control valve on an Accusump system/chamber when used on a Formula Vee:
The Committee determined that this was reasonable, and recommended to the CRB wording changes for the rules to support the use of an electric control valve. The CRB approved this recommendation. The details are also in the January 2017 Fastrack.

5. With regard to Letter #20133 – Clarify FV Intake Manifold Language:
The issue here was that there was a revised wording during 2016 to GCR section 9.1.1.C.5.D.20.d that was not clear, and the rule could be interpreted in different ways with this wording. The Committee agreed with this and came up with a recommendation to the CRB for revised wording to make it easier to interpret the rule the way it was intended. The CRB approved this recommendation. The details are in the April 2017 Fastrack.

Topics currently being addressed by the Committee:
1. Spec Tire: Testing and implementation plan.

2. Intake Manifolds: Discussing ways to simplify the testing/measuring for compliance in support of the current rules.

Do you have a question, recommendation, or issue you would like to have addressed?
Please remember, that the official way for a member to have an issue considered and addressed is to go to the official SCCA web site and write a letter to the CRB. As you can see from the above, this works – these get put onto our docket to be addressed at a Committee meeting.

Although the Committee can raise and discuss issues on their own, or as a result of a discussion by a member, the official and best way is the letter to the CRB. However, please do not hesitate to contact a Committee member to bring up an issue and get their opinion on how best to proceed, or just to get to know each other. This really helps us do our job.

Although it may not be monthly, we do plan to continue posting like this on a more regular basis.

The FV Advisory Committee

July/August 2016 FV Ad-Hoc Committee

July: http://formcarregistry.com/interchange/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=5635
August: http://formcarregistry.com/interchange/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=5636

The Old Committee has been replaced by a newly SCCA Sanctioned FV Committee.  Info on it can be found here: http://formcarregistry.com/interchange/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=5637

June SCCA Fasttrack/CRB Minutes, May 3, 2016
Member Advisory
#19377 (Formula/Sports Racing Committee) The CRB would like to thank the following authors for their comments on letter #18785, Tech Bulletin April 2016 Fastrack, Valve Guide Boss in FV.

19215 Bauerle, 19229 and 19351 Livermore, 19232 Petillo, 19233 Sampson, 19234 Galuardi, 19235 Carr, 19237 Pape, 19251 Ferreira, 19253 Grace, 19257 Adams, 19261 Bellingham, 19283 Zarzycki, 19303 Varicins, 19318 Hinkle, 19381 McCormick, 19384 Varicins and 19497 Palermo

The CRB and the FSRAC will be looking at defining a minimum ID for the bottom of valve springs in FV. Many heads came from VW with this area of the valve guide already machined. The clarification about machining this area was issued to prevent misunderstandings and confusion in tech, and will not be withdrawn.

All Changes are effective 6/1/2016 unless otherwise noted.

1. #19264 (Jim Wheeler) Fuel Cell Rule Clarification
In GCR section 9.3.27., add the following language:

“All cars must be equipped with a safety fuel cell complying with these specifications, except for Touring, Spec Miata, Improved Touring, production-based Vintage cars, or as otherwise specified in the GCR. All safety fuel bladders shall be constructed and certified in accordance with the FIA FT-3 or higher (FT-3.5, FT-5, etc.) or SFI 28.3 specifications. Fuel cells do not time out and have no expiration date. Alternatively, safety fuel cells shall be constructed in accordance with FIA FT-3 or higher or SFI 28.3 specifications and tested to those requirements by an independent facility as witnessed and certified by a Professional Engineer. The results of these tests shall be submitted to the Club Racing department for inclusion on a list of approved suppliers. All safety fuel cells shall consist of a foam-filled fuel bladder enclosed in a metal container at minimum.”

July SCCA Fasttrack
Club Racing Rules Changes
FV 1. #19354 (May Fastrack – Bruce Livermore) Allow Legitimate Repairs for FV
Thank you for your letter. If approved by the Board of Directors, the CRB recommends implementing this rule 6/1/2016. Add 9.1.1.C.5.D.37: 37. In addition to repairs and modifications specifically authorized in the FV rules, engine cases and cylinder heads may be repaired within the definition of “repair” in Appendix F. Technical Glossary. Any such repairs shall provide no competitive advantage and shall not allow the fitment of any alternate part unless specifically authorized in the FV rules.

Member Advisory
1. #19573 (Bruce Livermore)
FV Ad Hoc Committee Request for More Direct Interaction with SCCA Thank you for your letter. The CRB recommends forming an official Ad Hoc Committee for Formula Vee to address specific issues concerning the class. Resumes may be submitted to http://www.clubracingboard.com for consideration.

No Action Required
1. #18582 (Gregory Bruns) Shiny Gears
Thank you for your letter. Formula Vee is a restricted class. Parts may not be modified unless specifically authorized, per 9.1.1.C.1.B. If in doubt, don’t. Please see letter 19573 in this Fastrack announcing the formation of a FV Ad Hoc Committee reporting to the Formula Sport Racing Advisory Committee and the CRB. The FV Ad Hoc will work issues, such as this, that are important to the class stakeholders.